Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revamped Sign

So eons ago, I bought this bad baby from a thrift store. It was obviously donated by an avid wine lover. The pics below sure don’t look so overexposed on my jump drive but it says “Wine is sure proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Apparently a quote from Ben Franklin. Atta boy, Benjie Winking smile So I finished this project amidst Tropical Storm Debby’s slow, contant rain rampage outside. Cute outcome for such a dreary day.
As you can see, I used some dark paint first in corners and possible spots I might sand. I wanted the black to peek through my cream colored paint.
This might be hard to see but I cut out our last name with contact paper on my Cricut. Um, I though I was going to pull my hair out trying to put this stuff on. Since I painted my white on first, I needed to cut around my letters, discard the cut out letter, and use the outline. Getting clear contact paper to lay straight, flat, with no wrinkles is a PAIN!
I painted in my letters with black paint. I got Trav’s attention by yelling “MAN! How in the world did I spell our dang name wrong?!” So he jumped up to laugh see and comfort me but it was all good, hehe. Oh, and see my wonky 2006 over there? My intentions were to copy, I mean creatively imitate, all the other cute signs that have “est [insert wedding date here]” underneath the last name but I mismeasured and made our last name nearly too big. I wasn’t up to dragging my Cricut out again to fix this. Nope. This would have been a UFO (un finished object) if so.
The next day, I used some stain to darken things up a smidge. I also ran out and got my “3” from my craft shed and painted it silver. I want to paint another coat and use some glaze or stain on it but it’s fine now =)
I’m in love with my new display (minus that dreadful paneling!) I had two family pics up there and two tall star thingies (yeah, I know, I am a descriptive person). I can’t wait to get in the new house that is paneling-free, light, bright, and ready for some decorating! Woot woot!

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    Like the new sign way more;)

    Lovely greetings...

  2. Love it! And I feel ya on the contact paper. That stuff's got an attitude! :-)

  3. The frustration was definitely worth it! I know exactly what you mean about transferring contact paper. I've pretty much given up on having it sit completely straight.

    1. Thanks, Claire! I really like the outcome but the contact paper was crazy! I think cutting each letter out made it more aggravating though. Next time, I'll have one of those long Cricut mats =)

  4. Wow! It really looks vintage....
    Nice work!

  5. I had to click on this at the link party since I have my own Corban. I guess it's spelled different, but I had to check you out. Really cool signs you've done.

    1. It's a pretty awesome last name ;) Thanks for the sweet words!

  6. The sign came out great! I really like how it looks vintage. I would love if you would share this and any other posts at Showcase Your Talent Thursday I hope to see you there!


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