Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naptime spray painting

Ended up staying home today because our outdoor adventures this weekend affected Kenna's allergies to the extreme!  Poor thing. She woke up repeatedly last night because she couldn't breath through her little nose. Breaks my heart. She's napping now, thank goodness. Maybe she'll be in better humor. She got mad at me right before nap time because I took her puff cookies away because she was smashing them into the carpet with her foot! Then grinning at me about it. She's such a monkey even when she isn't feeling well!

Anywho, when she finally hit the sack, I did some speed cleaning of the windows, organizing our mountain small, reasonable pile of mail AND then I did some spray painting on the back porch with the baby monitor keeping me company. 

And I'm off here because I hear her hollering now. At least I got to finish some things this nap time. I've been thinking about getting her some blackout liners for her bedroom like Young House Love did because, more often than not, Kenna does NOT nap incredibly long.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finally hung my vintage shutter I picked up eons ago at an antique shop. Kenna wouldn't stop opening and closing the shutters and I was scared she was going to break it. I scrounged up some Command Strips for wire-backed pictures and with my hubby's help, we stuck, waited an hour, and hung =)

And my other printable project I forgot to mention in this post. It's been fun leaving messages! I still want to find a better frame though. This is just one I had laying around and HAD to use it because I was anxious to finish the project =)

My first printables

I have started playing around on Photoshop here lately and have made some of my own little goodies/printables! I even made my own chevron paper (which was pretty tedious the way I was trying it) but once I finished that baby, I saved it as a photoshop file so I could change the colors
when I feel the need.

My first state project since they seem to be all the rage right now =)

I decided to watermark this since I borrowed the
background fromSmitten Blog Designs free kit.
Super cute kit you should check the site out!

Centered text

Right justification

This is for my lil KennaBoo =)
Just realized it looks crooked!

I definitely had fun making these and they are for my own enjoyment and hopefully will use them around the house whenever I get around to printing them out, lol. Until next time...