Sunday, March 7, 2010

THe fLeA mArKeT!

I got this small milk jug full of marbles. I just thought is was cute =)These jars with the little lid thingies! I wish I would have got the next largest one I had seen. Then I would have a set but oh well....I absolutely loved the cover of this book then I got a nice surprise when I seen the publishing date...Yeap, that would be 1889!

My finds from the Boys Ranch Thrift Store =)

I hit the jackpot this day, lol. What was supposed to be a quick stop quickly became a shopping spree...all for $8. I have plans for the stand. I've painted and cleaned the marker/magnet board...and I've put up the cattails! Pics to come...
Here's my tiered tray that I had to do after my friend Amy tried it over at CraftyADHD. The idea originally came from Shanty2Chic. Instead of using hat box lids, I used two stove top covers and the smallest lid is from a small, round cookie tin. I purchased all that from the Dollar Tree. The wood pieces I got from Hobby Lobby and from Amy =) My tray appears normal but let me tell ya, it's not, lol. I accidentally got latex based spray paint. Nope, did NOT work on metal. It just peeled off sooooo the bottom of the trays (which you can't see ;) are not completely painted but I was tired of messing with it, lol.

Recovering my Library Bag...

I used two fat quarters and some additional polka dot fabric I had. Didn't sew a thing, I used the iron and that iron on sewing stuff, lol. I forgot what it's called! I tied rag bows on the straps and my flowers and the buttons, I hot glued on.