Thursday, December 29, 2011


There are so many things out there in Etsy land, that I get plum tickled when I see something that I truly love. More often than not, I see things that I like, or think about buying maybe possibly if I’m bored kinda thing, or a “Oh, I could make that!” So I just want to show you all (the handful that I entertain or possibly bore, lol) a few finds that I’m jonesin’ for at the moment =)

From the undoneclothing store are these awesome babies!

Five Pack of Tape Measure Earrings in Various Colors

Tape Measure Watch in Pink

Tape Measure Watch in White

Aren’t they just simplistically awesome yet could fit someone to a tee =)

I like the look of these as well. The little gears in the middle are old watch gears. They would be just as cute without the gears as well.

HOLIDAY SALE White Gears wood tape measure earrings

Is this bracelet not the epitome of beautification Winking smile

Steampunk Scissor Bracelet- Antique Silver Ox

Welp, that concludes my post-Christmas wish list, lol. My perusing of Etsy is over as I get back to reality and go convince Kenna that the kitchen floor is not the happening place to be. I don’t know why she seems to think that it’s funner in their than in here where I can see her.

Until next time…

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas is coming!!!!!

Oh man, I’m soooo excited for Christmas this year. Our lil runt is 15 months old now and I know she’s going to be excited but for now, we’re itching for the day and she doesn’t even know what’s coming, lol.

We haven’t put up a Christmas tree though, because where we normally put the tree is now Kenna’s play corner. I just hate to move her toys and then when she wants to ‘play’ with the Christmas tree, she gets in trouble. I can just see her baffled look, “Well, it’s my corner!” Soooo, we’re going to buy a small tree to put up on the bar and next year I think she’ll be old enough to understand why it’s not her toy corner for the month. Buuut on a side note, hopefully we can eliminate said toy corner. Travis and I were talking just this morning about building her a toy box!!!! This is a huge feat for him. He is NOT a carpenter but a mechanic. Two completely different spectrums, lol. I think it will be fun though. Anywho, I digress. Sunday night, Kenna crashed extremely early. I’m talking about a nap at 4ish, wake her up at 5ish, she goes back to sleep 6ish! She was not having us trying to keep her awake (so she wakes us up at 3:30 a.m. to ‘play’). So, I had a chance to hang some Christmas decorations. I got up our door hanger, the Christmas cross stitch and samplers, and a few knick knacks. No pictures of said decor sadly but it does have me in the mood to craft some and to get some projects going that I already have the supplies for!

Pinned Image via Lauren Mistrot on Pinterest

I think this would be a great idea for the living room!

Pinned Image via Danielle Grimes on Pinterest

I love the idea above because I was just telling Trav when we were out in the craft shed that I wanted to drag out the tiny ornament balls to put in my little cloche I bought from the thrift store last month. I just need to spray paint the base first.

Pinned Image

From via Taylor on Pinterest

I love this tree. I love the holds. I love the shutters. Yeap, mad love =)

Pinned Image

From via Angela on Pinterest

Oh, man! Don’t you absolutely LOVE this fat tree in a bucket!!!

Pinned Image

Printable from via Nicole on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Simple and natural feeling. From via Donna Funky Junk Interiors via Centsational Girl on Pinterest


This is so neat! Glued ornaments to disc, took out metal hanger, added blooms. So simple and still pleasing to the eye. From


Also from, they took a stick, drilled tiny holes, inserted pipe cleaners. Very thrifty!

Pinned Image

From via Kristin (me) via Amy on Pinterest

Man, I can’t wait! We actually have most of our Christmas shopping done, which is a first for us so now it’s a waiting game and it is making me that more anxious, lol.

Happy holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Organization! I need it!

I have been thinking of ways to organize our bedroom/bathroom more now that I’m in the process of re-doing the bedroom décor. I’ve seen things here and there on my blog reader and Pinterest that I’ve thought looked awesome but we don’t have a closet out of a mansion and space is limited.

I came across one idea that I can’t find now (grrrr) but the blogger had bought three laundry baskets, cut vinyl wording out (whites, darks, jeans) and slid them in her closet much like how these look from Life With Both Hands Full

NOTE: I found the original pic I wanted to use and it was from Life With Both Hands Full to begin with! Yayy! I just didn’t go to her Part 2 post =)

They are tall laundry baskets so I might could fit two in the bottom of my closet comfortably =/ Maybe. This would be so nice though because the hampers would be hidden from view in the closet and right there in the room so one’s husband wouldn’t have any excuse whatsoever about piles of laundry in front of the dresser…ahem, anyways, I digress.

Laundry Basket Dresser

I love idea as well but I think it would be too tall for our closet. It would be NIFTY in our laundry room but I would need incentives to give to the hub to walk all the way across the house to put his clothes in the laundry room. See my dilemma, lol.

Side note: I showed these plans to my hubs last night and I pointed out that they said beginner label =) But Trav seemed confident that he could build them for me!

Our bathroom is the tiniest bathroom known to man, I’m sure, so there are loads of ideas I’ve seen that would be helpful. After finding this pic, I noticed that this item is from Collections, Etc. and very inexpensive and 50% off right now!!!

Pinned Image

I love this as well since I already have an existing towel bar that holds decorative towels that never get used.

Pinned Image

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

I love these jars below. I’ve been meaning to make some but you know how that goes, lol. However, I did find a new tutorial over at The Single Nester that didn’t use Vitrea but used glue, water, and blue food coloring and was very surprised at the outcome! They look about the same and I imagine you could seal the outside to avoid fading of color.

Pinned Image

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

I have seen this before and thought GENIUS!

Pinned Image

Source: via Melinda on Pinterest

But I was thinking about doing this so I can stuff my hair dryer in there as well.

Pinned Image

Source: via Kristin (Me) via Megan on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Kenna’s Halloween Costume

Well, I finally got on the ball and whipped Kenna up a costume since we have a hay ride tonight. I ran to the store yesterday afternoon and got a single long-sleeve white onesie that was only about $2.50 and two rolls of Wilton’s white tulle from the wedding section of WallyWorld. I might end up taking one roll back though because I didn’t even use it. I should have known better than to get two rolls. There’s 65 yards on one roll, lol. That’s a whole lotta tulle.


First I designed some googly eyes and a smile on, changed it to a .svg file on Inkscape, then uploaded it to SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) to cut it out on my die cutting machine.


I cut out my eyes and smile with some cheap contact paper I bought from the Dollar General. Works like a charm. Added that to my onesie as a stencil. I also put a piece of cardboard in the onesie to keep the paint from coming through.


I dabbed the paint on with a small sponge brush. I was going to buy some spouncers yesterday but decided against it when I seen they were a tad pricier than I was wanting to spend when I had perfectly good sponge brushes at the hacienda. Yeap, my attempt at being thrifty =)


Then I sat down on the couch and pre-cut all my tulle pieces. I probably cut them at about 2 ft., folded the piece in half, then looped it onto my piece of elastic. No sewing involved really unless you count me sewing my piece of elastic together.

Finished product!



I had some inspirations for this project, of course. After seeing this pic on Etsy from sasybrna’s shop, I started perusing the Internet to see if anyone else had some cute tutu costumes, and found some more here and here.

Pinned Image


My last package finally came in I had ordered for my birf-day!

Oh, how I love West Elm! Such pretty things…like my new duvet cover [insert swoon here].

Now, here’s a cheesy photo montage, well, just one photo, of myself and my cover =)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washi Tape

I have been seeing washi tape all over blog land and it has finally started to intrigue me! This Japanese decorative tape is pretty nifty. Check out these cool crafting ideas inspired by washi tape.

Pinned Image

Source: papermash via Jenifer on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Kyley on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Senara on Pinterest

Refreshing Furniture And Interior With Japanese Masking Tape


Refreshing Furniture And Interior With Japanese Masking Tape


Clothespin magnets from Night Owl Crafting

Pinned Image

I love this washi covered composition book! I love the color combinations! The washi tape she used was from Lotta Jansdotter.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

So with that being said, well, written, I do think I’m going to partake in the washi tape madness! I’ll probably pick some up next time I’m at the craft store but there are quite a bit of DIY washi tape tutorials as well like this one from Aesthetic Nest or Just Something I Made or List Girl prints some out on Avery address labels!

See y’all soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanksgiving’s coming soon!

I’ve already begun to think about Thanksgiving since Halloween’s nearly almost here and I still haven’t done much in way of home décor or crafting but like always there are some great, yet easy and quick, crafts I could whip up to bring a little bit of Thanksgiving into the house before the actual big turkey day =)

Pinned Image

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

On a more personal note, on our mini vacation a couple of weeks ago, we took Kenna to a local church’s pumpkin patch. She wasn’t too sure why we wanted her to pose with pumpkins.



Then, she warmed up a tad…





Such a cutie, if I say so myself Winking smile