Thursday, December 29, 2011


There are so many things out there in Etsy land, that I get plum tickled when I see something that I truly love. More often than not, I see things that I like, or think about buying maybe possibly if I’m bored kinda thing, or a “Oh, I could make that!” So I just want to show you all (the handful that I entertain or possibly bore, lol) a few finds that I’m jonesin’ for at the moment =)

From the undoneclothing store are these awesome babies!

Five Pack of Tape Measure Earrings in Various Colors

Tape Measure Watch in Pink

Tape Measure Watch in White

Aren’t they just simplistically awesome yet could fit someone to a tee =)

I like the look of these as well. The little gears in the middle are old watch gears. They would be just as cute without the gears as well.

HOLIDAY SALE White Gears wood tape measure earrings

Is this bracelet not the epitome of beautification Winking smile

Steampunk Scissor Bracelet- Antique Silver Ox

Welp, that concludes my post-Christmas wish list, lol. My perusing of Etsy is over as I get back to reality and go convince Kenna that the kitchen floor is not the happening place to be. I don’t know why she seems to think that it’s funner in their than in here where I can see her.

Until next time…

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  1. Love the watches! I think I am going to have to "pin" them!


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