Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

After crashing at 11:35 last night (we just couldn't go another 25 minutes, lol), I realized that this is the first time we've been home for a New Year's Eve holiday in awhile! We normally go down South to celebrate post-Christmas holidays with my granny and daddy. But sadly, not his year. My granny lives in the middle of the city and right down the road from the new LegoLand and you'll hear fireworks for hours before and after midnight. Last night, we heard absolutely nothing…but crickets. Well, and the donkeys in the pasture but they're more of a nuisance, lol. Just makes me realize how nice it is to live in the peaceful rural areas rather than the congestion of central Florida. Anywho, with the new year here, there is many things that I have on my to do list! My most exciting news is that we're trying to purchase our first home and although I'm trying not to get my hopes up, my Pinterest boards are reflecting otherwise. I have big plans for the kitchen =)

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

I have plans for some Kenna crafts! Especially for this highchair! Kenna has a tall one that's been painted a soft sage green and this would be a great project for my sander my granny sent me!

I am in the progress of finishing a cover for Kenna's big girl carseat. And I have really been wanting to get it finished but man, it has taken me forever with all life's interruptions. Let me tell you, though, having two carseats for each car is the way to go. It is such a pain to have to switch out all the time from car to car.

I absolutely love these for Kenna! They'd be nifty if they were magnets for the refrigerator too!

Welp, that's where my mind has been this weekend. A new home hopefully and my little munchkin, of course. I hope all had a wonderful, safe new year's eve and hope and likewise for a brand new year!

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