Saturday, January 14, 2012

My goodies!

I've unfortunately had these thrift store finds since the end of November but I have my plans for them. I have started to make some things a couple of times but now with a new house possibly looming in our future, I don't want to paint them my current color scheme.

Here are my goodies and my intentions for each.

I want to paint the base of this covered plate/cloche. I love it and can't wait to put little decorative holiday things in it. IMG 3591wm edited 1
I want to repaint this and maybe do something with vinyl and our last name.IMG 3592wm edited 1
A chalkboard! Woot woot!IMG 3593wm edited 1
Got these packages of collapsible boxes with the Oriental Trading tags still affixed for $1.00 a piece!IMG 3596wm edited 1
Whew, now if I can purchase some motivation ;)

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