Monday, November 14, 2011

Organization! I need it!

I have been thinking of ways to organize our bedroom/bathroom more now that I’m in the process of re-doing the bedroom d├ęcor. I’ve seen things here and there on my blog reader and Pinterest that I’ve thought looked awesome but we don’t have a closet out of a mansion and space is limited.

I came across one idea that I can’t find now (grrrr) but the blogger had bought three laundry baskets, cut vinyl wording out (whites, darks, jeans) and slid them in her closet much like how these look from Life With Both Hands Full

NOTE: I found the original pic I wanted to use and it was from Life With Both Hands Full to begin with! Yayy! I just didn’t go to her Part 2 post =)

They are tall laundry baskets so I might could fit two in the bottom of my closet comfortably =/ Maybe. This would be so nice though because the hampers would be hidden from view in the closet and right there in the room so one’s husband wouldn’t have any excuse whatsoever about piles of laundry in front of the dresser…ahem, anyways, I digress.

Laundry Basket Dresser

I love idea as well but I think it would be too tall for our closet. It would be NIFTY in our laundry room but I would need incentives to give to the hub to walk all the way across the house to put his clothes in the laundry room. See my dilemma, lol.

Side note: I showed these plans to my hubs last night and I pointed out that they said beginner label =) But Trav seemed confident that he could build them for me!

Our bathroom is the tiniest bathroom known to man, I’m sure, so there are loads of ideas I’ve seen that would be helpful. After finding this pic, I noticed that this item is from Collections, Etc. and very inexpensive and 50% off right now!!!

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I love this as well since I already have an existing towel bar that holds decorative towels that never get used.

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Source: via Susan on Pinterest

I love these jars below. I’ve been meaning to make some but you know how that goes, lol. However, I did find a new tutorial over at The Single Nester that didn’t use Vitrea but used glue, water, and blue food coloring and was very surprised at the outcome! They look about the same and I imagine you could seal the outside to avoid fading of color.

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Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

I have seen this before and thought GENIUS!

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Source: via Melinda on Pinterest

But I was thinking about doing this so I can stuff my hair dryer in there as well.

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Source: via Kristin (Me) via Megan on Pinterest

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Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Until next time…