Friday, October 28, 2011

Kenna’s Halloween Costume

Well, I finally got on the ball and whipped Kenna up a costume since we have a hay ride tonight. I ran to the store yesterday afternoon and got a single long-sleeve white onesie that was only about $2.50 and two rolls of Wilton’s white tulle from the wedding section of WallyWorld. I might end up taking one roll back though because I didn’t even use it. I should have known better than to get two rolls. There’s 65 yards on one roll, lol. That’s a whole lotta tulle.


First I designed some googly eyes and a smile on, changed it to a .svg file on Inkscape, then uploaded it to SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) to cut it out on my die cutting machine.


I cut out my eyes and smile with some cheap contact paper I bought from the Dollar General. Works like a charm. Added that to my onesie as a stencil. I also put a piece of cardboard in the onesie to keep the paint from coming through.


I dabbed the paint on with a small sponge brush. I was going to buy some spouncers yesterday but decided against it when I seen they were a tad pricier than I was wanting to spend when I had perfectly good sponge brushes at the hacienda. Yeap, my attempt at being thrifty =)


Then I sat down on the couch and pre-cut all my tulle pieces. I probably cut them at about 2 ft., folded the piece in half, then looped it onto my piece of elastic. No sewing involved really unless you count me sewing my piece of elastic together.

Finished product!



I had some inspirations for this project, of course. After seeing this pic on Etsy from sasybrna’s shop, I started perusing the Internet to see if anyone else had some cute tutu costumes, and found some more here and here.

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