Monday, October 24, 2011

Throw pillows!

After ordering my duvet cover from West Elm last week (sqquuueeeal!), I’ve decided I really need to get into gear about dressing my “nekid” pillow forms I’ve had for 2+ years. I had originally bought the pillows to outfit and then put on my equally naked couch. Since then though, I bought some throw pillows from a garage sale that went with my living room décor perfectly! Sooo, now my plans are to use the pillows in our bedroom. Because the duvet cover is a tad more busier than I’m used to… see, look…awww, I’m in love.

I’ve decided to go somewhat simple with the throw pillows and plan on using some solid colored fabric. However, while I am using plain fabric, I want to have at least one fancy pillow, maybe like this…

Pinned Image

From The Blue Robin Cottage

I like these as well…

Pinned Image

From Better Homes and Gardens

Pinned Image

A pretty teal pillow would compliment so well =)

Pic from a fabulous etsy store called Chloe & Olive

Definitely could make some covers inspired by Crate and Barrel

Pinned Image

But I do have some cable knit sweaters that are too small that I might be willing to recycle! Or I could hit up a consignment shop. I love Brassy Apple’s tutorial.

Pinned Image

OR! I could do one of these awesome monogram pillows!!!!

Pinned Image

From décor pad

Pinned Image

This is actually a custom monogrammed doorstop from etsy store nextdoortoheaven but it has pillow quality =)

Pinned Image

Ohhh, how I love thee, PB!

Anywho, I have so many wonderful ideas. I just NEED to get on the ball. On the plus side, my wonderful Mr. LCH finally managed to put up a few shelves in my craft shed this weekend so maybe I can get out there and snap some pics of the “mess” =) Until next time…

Note: All pictures are linked to sources and I tried to mention each source in text as well.

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