Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naptime spray painting

Ended up staying home today because our outdoor adventures this weekend affected Kenna's allergies to the extreme!  Poor thing. She woke up repeatedly last night because she couldn't breath through her little nose. Breaks my heart. She's napping now, thank goodness. Maybe she'll be in better humor. She got mad at me right before nap time because I took her puff cookies away because she was smashing them into the carpet with her foot! Then grinning at me about it. She's such a monkey even when she isn't feeling well!

Anywho, when she finally hit the sack, I did some speed cleaning of the windows, organizing our mountain small, reasonable pile of mail AND then I did some spray painting on the back porch with the baby monitor keeping me company. 

And I'm off here because I hear her hollering now. At least I got to finish some things this nap time. I've been thinking about getting her some blackout liners for her bedroom like Young House Love did because, more often than not, Kenna does NOT nap incredibly long.


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