Thursday, July 2, 2009

My new kitchen and decor!

I hate to paint. I really do. Ever since Travis and I thought painting our bedroom would be a cinch and fun...yeah, it's not. However, I did paint one wall in my kitchen to add some color and I think it turned out nicely. It was actually funner with me doing it in a few hours by myself (without Trav, that is). It definitely was a more peaceful experience.

I love the Prissy Plates too. I found those at Hobby Lobby and was tickled pink about how they turned out although I had one heck of a time getting that plate holder thingamajiggy on there.

I'm real proud of my valance though. I had made a real cute one that I accented with grosgrain ribbon but it was sage green as well and I needed something to break up all that green. It reminded me too much of split pea soup or something... And of course, my inspiration for the color scheme is from a set of fabric placemats me and Trav got as a wedding present and our area rug in the living room! (Side note: those are clean dishes in the sink =)

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  1. I like your green wall and the valance you made with your own two hands. :-)


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