Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missed birthdays...

Ohhh, the start of a new blog! I am uber excited. I'm even more excited to head down South tomorrow to see my Papa, gern, and my daddy! This month I missed my daddy and papa's birthday as well as Father's Day so I'm rippin' and rarin' to go. Although being in the car too long with Trav gets a tad bit tedious. He absolutely hate when I listen to my book on tape but I am listening to Summer on Blossom Street right now and it's good! That series and her Cedar Cove series are great! The librarian is coming out in me, lol.

My dear ole' sis and her "boyfern" Brian went today. She bypassed her exit on the turnpike and ended up 90 miles south, further down Florida than we've probably ever been! She finally made it to her intended destination though; she just had to take the scenic route.

My papa got a cake with an eagle on it. I heard he was so tickled. He told me it was too "purty" to eat so he ate around the center =) I'm sure he ate it shortly after. He has a sweet tooth when he has an appetite.

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