Sunday, July 5, 2009

A day at Gern's!

I went to see my granny and papa Moore this weekend. Please keep my papa in your prayers. Granny, Lacey, and I went through all her cross stitch samplers and framed work she had left over from the shop and I got some good stuff for the house! I was excited. A lot of the stuff I remember from growing up and it was just reminiscient for me and the bug (that would be Lacey). I just feel at home when I visit and sometimes I just don't want to leave at all, lol. If I wasn't working I would want to be down there with her and papa for an extended stay but until then I have pictures =)
This is my gern's holiday tree!

Nearly all the ornaments are handmade!

I had to take a picture of my "pinwheels bouquet" I made for her and Lacey! The tree limbs are my favorite part. They're from my very own front yard =)

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