Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More from my visit with Gern and Papa!

I love this ole window frame that my papa turned into a shadow box to hold more childhood memories! Some panes still have the glass and others don't which adds more rustic quality, in my humble opinion!

These flowers are my favorite too! My gern made them and hot glued them to tree limbs!

Needless to say, my granny is my inspiration =) Papa's real handy too with woodworking. The log cabin that I grew up in which was on the same lot (it got demolished by a hurricane) used to be a church. Near the road was an actual replica of an ark. It was huge in my mind but I do remember that it was probably the six of an office or two. Nevertheless, I remember papa had wood stacked up in there and old projects he had started on. I was sad to see when they had to tear it down. It was unsafe and eat up with termites. I'll have to round up a picture! Me and the Bug just had some memory lane time with gern but I was glad to spend some time with my lil sis too!And my hubby in all this mess of going through old decorations???

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