Friday, May 17, 2013

Painted door!

I’ve been wanting to do a brightly colored door like Young House Love’s yellow door forever now but really had to work up to it, lol, so I decided to start with my back door. I got Travis on board by saying, “Wouldn’t a bright door be so welcome to come home to? We’ll see it and be like “WE”RE HOME!!! Look at that door!!!” He just gave me one of those side glances but, hey, it worked! So I immediately started a Pinterest board aptly named painted doors. After finding DIYShowOff’s chartreuse door in Valspar’s Gilded Pesto, I fell in love.
chartreuse paint
Here’s some before pics of our very ugly door. Ignore the frame of the door with the chipping paint. We’re replacing the door frame soon!
Painted door before
Painted door before2
Painted door before5
After priming…
Painted door primed
Overspray =/ Forgot to tape the hardware…
Painted door before5
Now the color! Isn’t it gorgeous!? We bought Valspar Duramax exterior paint in a semi-gloss finish in Gilded Pesto.
Painted door
Stopped to Instagram, lol
Comparison door
And now for the end result! I’m completely smitten!
I think the hardware is my favorite part! I had a can of Rustoleum Universal in the shed in hammered bronze I had bought to do a Mother’s Day project and it went on like butt-ah!
Painted hardware

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