Friday, March 1, 2013

Faux sofa table

living room after2ab
A while ago, while trudging through my Google Reader’s 1000+ blog posts, I seen where Jess from East Coast Creative made a faux soda table! I was immediately intrigued and put it on my massive to do list. Now, honestly, a lot of my ideas on my to do list or Pinterest boards never get done. I am too ambitious, lol. However, this project needed to be done so I bought a piece of wood, some L-brackets, short screws to go in the wood, longer screws to go into the wall stud. After staining my board, then trimming it to fit on our short wall, we screwed it in and admired our handiwork.
As you can see below, that’s Travis putting up my work of art =) I have ideas for that interior window that looks into the kitchen but haven’t decided quite yet which direction to take.
About a week went by and I finally decorated it, lol. I’ve been moving very slow here lately. Oh, and those horrible iPhone pics up there, yeah, I know they’re bad =/ Here’s a better after pic! I love that I can add some decor since I don’t have end tables in the new house. Our living room is long and narrow so end tables were a no-go. 
living room after2
This weekend I have my fingers crossed that I can finally paint my Ana White shelves. The temperature is dropping fast though so I have a feeling I might be painting indoors because I’m ready for those babies to be up on the wall!

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