Friday, May 24, 2013

Ana White shelves

So, remember back in *cough* February when I shared our living room and we were also working on Ana White shelves to go over the piano? No? Well, don’t feel bad, I forgot too, lol!

Once Travis finished the shelves, they sat in our little shed for EONS waiting to be primed and painted and I really wasn’t sure what color I wanted them. Ideally, I liked white but since our walls are cream and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to repainting the living room, I didn’t want to go there. Oh, we used Ana’s tutorial here for the Ten Dollar Ledges. You just need 2 pieces of 1x4 and 1 piece of 1x2 along with a few other supplies like screws. All the pieces are 8 ft. long so we ended up making two shelves at 4 ft. each to go over the piano.


Finally, at the end of April, I was about to leave town for a work conference and got miffed over all the projects that were still laying around. So I primed, painted two coats of a color we had in the shed that I was still unsure about because the paint wasn’t mixing well, and I forced Trav to hang them up 10:00 that night.

Here’s the before pic with better lighting and Roseanne making an appearance.

The 10 PM after.



Added some pictures a week later and tulips from my work conference…


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