Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pallet fail…for now! Mwah Ha Ha Ha!

Besides the fun in inserting a maniacal laugh in my title, this weekend was a dud in the craft department! I got so excited about my pallet project I had in mind so I was crushed when it didn’t pan out right =(

Here we are pulling out nails and whatnot, preparing it for staining at 9 pm Friday night!


Saturday staining and sanding! <—loving that alliteration there, hehe

sanded pallet

staining pallet 2


Isn’t it amazing what stain will do? I can’t even tell it’s a pallet. Note: after this picture, I did flip it over and stain everything else so there was not any natural wood color showing through.

Okay, this is where it all went wrong. After cutting out my design, my cheap contact paper would NOT stick to the wood =(

pallet vinyl fail

Soooo, I am going to head over to the store and buy some contact paper for transfer paper because I am completely out now and I’m going to try WHITE contact paper too. Maybe it’s a bit thicker and I’ll be able to SEE it, lol

Open to any suggestions, of course =)


  1. Ugh, I hate when things don't go as planned. No suggestions but sometimes when I regroup I come up with an even better idea or plan of attack.

  2. ah shucks! Good luck in finding a solution! Hope you are able to create what you wanted out of the pallet! I also wanted to create something out of a pallet, but not so sure yet on what... My friend wanted me to back a shelving unit with pallet board. Haven't quite gotten around to that yet either ;)


    1. I know, Lisha! I was sad, lol! I did get to the store this afternoon though and bought some more transfer paper and some heavier duty contact paper so I hope that helps. I really hate to have to use actual vinyl although I know it would adhere better but I feel it's too expensive to just use as a stencil =/ Crossing my fingers that the heavier duty works!

  3. I love yoooou Kristen!! =)


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