Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Changed my blog template...

This is big news, family!!! I have been scared to mess with my former blog template because it was such a process to make it. I used a different tutorial to do this one and there are still some things that I want to tweak. When I see it on my screen, I can't see the green on the sides until I maximize the window. My old blog tutorial showed me how to scale that automatically despite the window size...but like I said, that was a HUGE project that took ALL day at work, lol. I'd love to hear comments because I saved my old template just in case I feel like I miss it or start to dislike this newer, more simplistic one... Also, the template I used was from Kevin and Amanda.


  1. I like it! Especially the stitched font!

  2. Thanks ya, ma'am! This was like the second one I put up. The first I spent like 48 hours on, lol, and ended up not liking it!


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