Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Latest Endeavor

Okay, this started out as a four pieces of railing (and a square piece of wood) that my papa had stored up in his little junk hut, I mean shed ;) So I had an inspiration! I painted it cream, then sanded some of it off for the rustic look...
I also rubbed some stain over my the whole thing so it could set in the cracks to make it look even more rustic. I used cherry stain first, then switched to rosewood because it was darker.
I like how it made the base look on the edges.
I added an old spoon that I hammered flat (with the help of Trav in our
living room floor last night), then curved it...The frame is something I got from my papa a while ago. He made it and gave it =) It was unfinished but I rubbed some stain on it, didn't worry much about getting it in the cracks. Then added a rag bow/ribbon I stole from gern last week... Finished look...
I'll switch the picture out, of course.


  1. so cute, got the crafting genes for sure. lana

  2. So cute! I am so bookmarking you and copying this!


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