Friday, October 28, 2011

Kenna’s Halloween Costume

Well, I finally got on the ball and whipped Kenna up a costume since we have a hay ride tonight. I ran to the store yesterday afternoon and got a single long-sleeve white onesie that was only about $2.50 and two rolls of Wilton’s white tulle from the wedding section of WallyWorld. I might end up taking one roll back though because I didn’t even use it. I should have known better than to get two rolls. There’s 65 yards on one roll, lol. That’s a whole lotta tulle.


First I designed some googly eyes and a smile on, changed it to a .svg file on Inkscape, then uploaded it to SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) to cut it out on my die cutting machine.


I cut out my eyes and smile with some cheap contact paper I bought from the Dollar General. Works like a charm. Added that to my onesie as a stencil. I also put a piece of cardboard in the onesie to keep the paint from coming through.


I dabbed the paint on with a small sponge brush. I was going to buy some spouncers yesterday but decided against it when I seen they were a tad pricier than I was wanting to spend when I had perfectly good sponge brushes at the hacienda. Yeap, my attempt at being thrifty =)


Then I sat down on the couch and pre-cut all my tulle pieces. I probably cut them at about 2 ft., folded the piece in half, then looped it onto my piece of elastic. No sewing involved really unless you count me sewing my piece of elastic together.

Finished product!



I had some inspirations for this project, of course. After seeing this pic on Etsy from sasybrna’s shop, I started perusing the Internet to see if anyone else had some cute tutu costumes, and found some more here and here.

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My last package finally came in I had ordered for my birf-day!

Oh, how I love West Elm! Such pretty things…like my new duvet cover [insert swoon here].

Now, here’s a cheesy photo montage, well, just one photo, of myself and my cover =)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washi Tape

I have been seeing washi tape all over blog land and it has finally started to intrigue me! This Japanese decorative tape is pretty nifty. Check out these cool crafting ideas inspired by washi tape.

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Source: papermash via Jenifer on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Kyley on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Senara on Pinterest

Refreshing Furniture And Interior With Japanese Masking Tape


Refreshing Furniture And Interior With Japanese Masking Tape


Clothespin magnets from Night Owl Crafting

Pinned Image

I love this washi covered composition book! I love the color combinations! The washi tape she used was from Lotta Jansdotter.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

So with that being said, well, written, I do think I’m going to partake in the washi tape madness! I’ll probably pick some up next time I’m at the craft store but there are quite a bit of DIY washi tape tutorials as well like this one from Aesthetic Nest or Just Something I Made or List Girl prints some out on Avery address labels!

See y’all soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanksgiving’s coming soon!

I’ve already begun to think about Thanksgiving since Halloween’s nearly almost here and I still haven’t done much in way of home décor or crafting but like always there are some great, yet easy and quick, crafts I could whip up to bring a little bit of Thanksgiving into the house before the actual big turkey day =)

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Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Pinned Image

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

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Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

On a more personal note, on our mini vacation a couple of weeks ago, we took Kenna to a local church’s pumpkin patch. She wasn’t too sure why we wanted her to pose with pumpkins.



Then, she warmed up a tad…





Such a cutie, if I say so myself Winking smile

Monday, October 24, 2011

Throw pillows!

After ordering my duvet cover from West Elm last week (sqquuueeeal!), I’ve decided I really need to get into gear about dressing my “nekid” pillow forms I’ve had for 2+ years. I had originally bought the pillows to outfit and then put on my equally naked couch. Since then though, I bought some throw pillows from a garage sale that went with my living room décor perfectly! Sooo, now my plans are to use the pillows in our bedroom. Because the duvet cover is a tad more busier than I’m used to… see, look…awww, I’m in love.

I’ve decided to go somewhat simple with the throw pillows and plan on using some solid colored fabric. However, while I am using plain fabric, I want to have at least one fancy pillow, maybe like this…

Pinned Image

From The Blue Robin Cottage

I like these as well…

Pinned Image

From Better Homes and Gardens

Pinned Image

A pretty teal pillow would compliment so well =)

Pic from a fabulous etsy store called Chloe & Olive

Definitely could make some covers inspired by Crate and Barrel

Pinned Image

But I do have some cable knit sweaters that are too small that I might be willing to recycle! Or I could hit up a consignment shop. I love Brassy Apple’s tutorial.

Pinned Image

OR! I could do one of these awesome monogram pillows!!!!

Pinned Image

From décor pad

Pinned Image

This is actually a custom monogrammed doorstop from etsy store nextdoortoheaven but it has pillow quality =)

Pinned Image

Ohhh, how I love thee, PB!

Anywho, I have so many wonderful ideas. I just NEED to get on the ball. On the plus side, my wonderful Mr. LCH finally managed to put up a few shelves in my craft shed this weekend so maybe I can get out there and snap some pics of the “mess” =) Until next time…

Note: All pictures are linked to sources and I tried to mention each source in text as well.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween is fast approaching…

I can’t believe Halloween is almost upon us! I haven’t even begun to drag my fall décor out yet =/ I know, I’m bad, but by the time I get home from work, get Kenna ready for bed, I just want to crash. I definitely need a motivational fairy to help me out. Anywho, I digress. I have come across some cute, CUTE Halloween printables! So, if you’re like myself, you can can print these up in a jiffy to announce that fall has arrived in your neck of the woods.

Pinned Image

From i {heart} naptime

Pinned Image

From The Twinery Blog

Pinned Image

From Blooming Homestead

Pinned Image

From V and Co. I printed this out last year =)

Pinned Image

From Your Life Events


From Poppies at Play


From Craftily Ever After

From Tricia-Rennea at Trillustrations

NOTE: Sources are also linked to pictures. So click away to head on over to the blog post!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy days…

Welp, didn’t get anything done this weekend! No frolicking in the yard, no cleaning up the shed, no decorating. Nothing, nada!

We managed to hit up a birthday party Saturday afternoon just before the weather picked up with chilly winds and a smattering of rain that turned into a rainy afternoon, night, rainy Sunday, rainy Monday morning =(

But I did get my lil turkey butt all gussied up for the birthday party!


We promptly reverted to laziness Sunday and lived in our jammies for the day =)

On a different note, I was in the store Saturday night walking around with a can of orange spray paint that I intended to buy, got home, and realized I didn’t have it! I must have set it down somewhere =/ So aggravated! I was wanting to spray paint a necklace I had to make it more fall-y (yeap, officially a word now). I also had some ideas running through my head, I wanted to try, like these:

Brown Paper Packages! Isn’t this the cutest! I have an idea brewing though! I don’t have any blocks of wood laying around but I do have something that might work instead =) Thank you, BPP for being my inspiration!

Although I just said I didn’t have any blocks of woods, I realized we do have lots of discarded pallets out in the field for THIS!

Brought to you by Tattered & Inked

Now, if I can convince Trav to help me with this craft by lending me his foot. We will see.

To be continued Winking smile

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Craft Room Roundup

I have been trying to get my craft room finished for over a year now. Make that two years. I am trying to convince Mr. LCH that if he would just let me go hog wild at Harbor Freight, I could do all these little odd jobs myself and leave him alone. He’s not getting where I’m going with that exclamation, however.

Here is my craft room while we were rewiring, insulating, and what not.

Now, by no means is this what it looks like now. I have a table against one wall stacked full of craft miscellany I stuffed in there when I was scurrying to make our spare bedroom into a nursery =)

So I have a full table of junk, a full bureau of junk, side table with two drawers-- also full, a piano, and home decorations. My SISTER has two sets of mattresses, stacks of prom dresses and evening gowns, an empty stroller box full of decorations, and two Rubbermaid tubs full of decorations. So, I’m sad because my craft shed wasn’t supposed to be for storage. It was supposed to be for all my crafty endeavors. I still go out there and craft and play the piano but mostly I still drag stuff in and work on it in the kitchen. However, I am getting motivated to do some work in there because I am ready to be able to go out there and get things done! I’m tired of this project being on the back burner!

So here’s where my motivation comes from…

I really want a wrap-around counter so I’m going to keep an eye out for old discarded cabinetry to use as they’ve used in this picture!

Pinned Image

My favorite blog ever, Young House Love, scored an awesome deal on 6 lovely cabinets for $1 a piece and made a workspace that I love. I just love their house in general though!

And I equally love how they just bought some wood and made a counter top! I just realized I’ve said ‘love’ or some part of ‘love’ seven times…

Because I have junk junque everywhere, organization is the key!

Pinned Image

I absolutely am envious of this fabulous project! It is two dressers back to back to make an island/worktable! Is that not ingenuity at it’s finest?

Pinned Image

And wouldn’t it be nice, once I clean everything out, to have room to have a hutch in there!

Pinned Image

Wallpapered filing cabinet

Pinned Image

Plastic cup and zip tie storage. Nifty idea especially since they sell those cups at the DG!

Pinned Image

I just love the colors here.

Pinned Image

And of course, I need to have some crafty décor in the crafting cave!

Pinned Image

Love the MAKE letters on the wall.

Pinned Image

Printables from 30 Days that I found via Tatertots&Jello

Pinned Image

Well, that’s all, folks. Maybe I can get out there this weekend and craft away. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

Everyone have a great weekend!

Note: Sources are linked to pictures. Click away to head over to the meet the mega minds behind the beauties.