Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Wreath

Managed to whip up two wreaths this weekend and I’m sharing with you one of them. The wreath I’m calling my Fall Wreath (creative, I know, hehe), I’ve decided to put up in the house instead of on the door for now. All you’ll need is a wire clothes hanger, material for your wreath (I used burlap and fabric from a jellyroll), and the usual supplies like hot glue, scissors, a band-aid for the hot glue burn that leaves a whopper of a blister. Yeah, that was just for me. I always have one casualty while using that thing!
I had my husband unwrap the clothes hanger for me because I tried and couldn’t. After cutting my burlap into 2 1/2 in. strips, I started weaving it onto the clothes hanger. I believe I used about 2 yards of burlap but the more, the better because it will look full and fluffy and not show the clothes hanger. I think I needed about another 1/2 or whole yard because I kept rearranging so no silver metal was peaking through, then I’d dab some hot glue here and there to make some of the folds lay right. So, after I finished with weaving, I had my husband twist the wire, then I cut off the extra wire with wire cutters. Now you’re ready to decorate it!
fall burlap rosette wreath from wire clothes hanger
fall burlap rosette wreath
fall burlap rosette wreath
fall burlap rosette wreath
TA-DAH! I’m pretty smitten with it! I’m also smitten with Classy Clutter’s pretty burlap wreath too I came across! Love the ribbon and monogram! Check out Mallory and Savannah’s blog by clicking the link or picture below! =)
Classy Clutter: Burlap Fall Wreath for under $5
I’m also adding the finishing touches to my Halloween wreath. More on that soon!

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