Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another card...

A card for my sister-in-law Lisa and new baby Kylee Denise...

My new camera strap!

Super excited about my new camera strap I made!

Granny's Birthday!

This was my granny's birthday card I had to whip up in a jiffy. I was sick and remembered it rather quickly when my friend had updated her Facebook status announcing to everyone it was her birthday. I was like "Whoop, her birthday is the same as gran's...ICK!" But I got something made and Trav came to the rescue as deliverer. Gotta love him...

Declutter...or just hide it =)

This is the first thing you see when you come in my back door. As you can see from the uber stylish knobs on the wall, it used to be where the washing machine and dryer were. I'm trying to find a nifty idea to hide those. I was going to put smaller shelves up across there and I could put stuff in front of them but haven't gotten to that yet. Any suggestions?



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scrapbooking Pages

I was browsing through one of my jump drives and found all of my attempts at digital scrapbooking. They're not too bad. I still enjoy going the digital route; I make a lot of cards. I still am an avid collector of digital kits so I'll probably start again soon. Look for some new ones!
In the meantime, here are a few that I like the best...

Washer Necklaces

I decided to try making my own washer necklaces! It's a fabulous idea!
I made a few for Trav's cousin and my sister. I wish I would have though to take pics of the finished product but oh well. This is the middle of the project. The purple one is a washer covered in some scrapbook paper. I covered that one because the washer was pretty dirty, lol. I went out and raided the the men's shop.

I was having such a fun time with Mod Podgeing that I decided to cover some old magnets I got from the college and the front of the phone book! I snipped the excess grosgrain ribbon off the monogrammed magnet when it was a tad more dry.

More house pics...RIP Papa...

This new eagle figurine is from one of the corners of my papa's casket.

Granny gave me that little embroidered box there. It has strips of magnets on the inside lid to hold your sewing needles and is lined with velvet to keep the little sewing scissors in. Nifty.

I moved my "C" because I bought the lil tin stars!

My granny made me the table runner so I have to show it off! The flowers are from papa's funeral. My daddy had picked out a woodsy casket spray of sunflowers, seed pods, cattails, and a plethora of greenery. It was very pretty.